Why Should I Stage My Empty Property?

Empty houses usually take longer to sell and they sell for a lower price. You could say that sums it up and the question has been answered. It definitely supports the argument that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to try and sell a vacant property. But many people do put their empty properties devoid of furniture and accessories on the market. In the latest article from Style My Home, the professional property stagers based in the Tunbridge Wells area, we look at empty properties in more detail. We cover what they reveal to potential buyers and what happens to premises that are left vacant for long periods of time. It all becomes clear why a property that is empty takes much longer to sell than a furnished or staged property and why the sale price achieved can be considerably lower. However, help is at hand with property staging and we cover how this works and what it involves. We also answer the question, why should I stage my empty property?

What are prospective buyers looking for?

The best way to sell a property is to make a prospective buyer fall in love with it and this is achieved if the property itself has been shown some love. People struggle to visualise how a room would work for them if it is empty. The more a person can see a house as their home, the more likely they are to buy it. Viewers will find it difficult to form an attachment to an empty property. So, if you have a vacant property, it’s a good idea to consider property staging. This is the art of styling a property to emphasise its key features, creating an aspirational lifestyle, inspiring viewers to imagine themselves living there. 

Empty properties reveal the following:

  • Look unloved, bleak, cold and unwelcoming
  • Any damage such as damp, scruffy paintwork becomes very evident
  • Flaws that a property has will become the focal points
  • Empty rooms actually appear smaller than they are
  • The best features of the property are not always showcased
  • Furniture detracts from the less desirable features of a property

Defects such as a crack in a wall, a stained carpet, a sloping ceiling are accentuated in an empty property. Staging with furniture and décor can deflect and hide these flaws. It’s also true that potential buyers may see you as desperate to sell your property and feel that you will be keen to make a deal, accepting a price much lower than what you are looking for.  

What happens to an empty property?

A property that has been on the market for some months will soon become dirty, will smell musty and dank and is sometimes full of insects including spiders! Empty properties are often poorly maintained and can quickly fall into disrepair. Once properties start to deteriorate, they often lose their value. On the more sinister side, a vacant property may attract squatters, vandals, antisocial behaviour and burglars. 

How does property staging work?

  • Creates a lifestyle that prospective buyers yearn to have
  • Zones rooms that can be quite daunting to furnish such as very large kitchen/living spaces
  • Staging style is guided by the agent’s demographic of prospective buyers 
  • Incorporates many lovely accessories, including faux plants, paintings, cushions, throws etc. to make your space come alive
  • Determines who the property will appeal to – first time buyers, families, professional couples, downsizers
  • Demonstrates the value of small or strangely shaped rooms
  • Ensures listing pictures look more appealing

Marketing photographs of an empty property will not allow prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. Listing photographs are the first glimpse potential buyers have of your property and they should be as inspiring as possible. They will really sell your property.

What does property staging involve?

  • Supply and full installation of furniture
  • Dressing of empty properties 
  • Furniture and accessory hire
  • Contemporary, modern and classic designs
  • Supply of curtains, art, soft furnishings and accessories
  • Highlighting of significant rooms including the kitchen, master bedroom, bathrooms and sitting room

How Style My Property can help you sell your property quickly and for the price you want?

We have seen that every empty property we have staged over the last five years has sold quickly. Some empty properties had been on the market for a considerable time and sometimes within one week of professional staging, they have often attracted more than one keen buyer wanting to purchase. Usually the property has achieved the sale price and sometimes even higher. Our records show properties have achieved far higher prices staged than empty ones in the same street. The old adage ‘time is money’ certainly rings true here. You will be surprised at how little it can cost to stage an empty property and this depends on the size and requirements. Choosing Style My Home includes all costs involved with installation, removal, staging and styling and three months rental of all of the stock installed. We can also arrange decluttering, gardening, cleaning, decorating and small repairs.

“Staging makes a house feel like a home”