Where do you find the inspiration for redesigning your home? Are you thinking of a kitchen makeover? Or perhaps you are working more from home and need a new office? Are you looking around your property and feel the need for more colour? Or would bespoke storage options help you to make the most of your space? As you survey your property, do you just feel stuck with your décor? Your home should be somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and safe and a place that reflects your personality in terms of your style and taste. Tackling an interior design project could involve the revamp of a particular room, or several rooms. It might even entail the whole property. You may also be thinking about things on a grander scale, perhaps an extension or more open plan living.

Platforms where you can find the inspiration

So where do you start looking for ideas? In the latest article from Style My Home, the interior design experts based in Tunbridge Wells, we look at where you might find the ideas that will truly inspire you. We include a synopsis of Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram and how they can inspire, although sometimes overwhelm. 

Create a Pinterest board for redesigning your home and collect all your ideas in one place

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool and virtual pin board, which has a strong reputation as a place of inspiration for anything creative with interior design coming out on top of the list. If you have plans for redesigning your home, this is a great place to keep up to date with the newest interior trends and tips from throughout the world. You can create a Pinterest board and collect all your ideas in one place.

However, a word of caution, you may find it overwhelming. It can actually be quite time consuming scrolling through the platform, looking at colour combinations, many of which you may not have dreamed of putting together. If you are new to Pinterest, be prepared to be bombarded with trends. Many designers have divided feelings about the platform but I feel it has a place, which I have embraced. I believe it opens up the conversation and allows people to see what’s out there and gives them a look into the design process.

How can Pinterest help you with your Interior Design? 

  • Create mood boards
  • Research inspiration
  • Discover new ideas
  • A simple way to visualise the end results 
  • Explore the elements of colour, accessories and furniture

You will need to join Pinterest and start creating your own boards. It’s probably a good idea to start with separate boards for different elements such as paint, lighting, wallpaper, flooring and furniture. You can then create a mixed board of the images you have collected. Start having a look around and follow the boards you like. Get creative with your search terms. Once you’ve got to grips with the technical elements of Pinterest, you can focus on what you actually want to do with your room. So what’s stopping you? Create a fresh board and get pinning. 

How can Houzz help you to plan your interiors?

This is a hub for interior designers, suppliers, contractors and homeowners. It’s designed for property owners who are looking for inspiration or those who are looking for a professional to help them. The platform is heavily image-based and could provide you with lots of home inspiration to help you to create your ideal space. Houzz has an extensive catalogue of furniture and home decoration photos, which you can also save to your Idea Book. It has lots of filter options so that you can choose the style you are looking for which could be contemporary, Mediterranean, modern, traditional or rustic. In essence, Houzz is an incredibly useful app for helping you design your living spaces or simply drawing inspiration.

Instagram can help you to refresh and revive your space

Instagram can be a very useful platform as well. Anyone can use it, but it is a useful tool to find ways to refresh and revive your space and to find ideas for redesigning your home. Irrespective of the style you are looking for, you will find it on this platform. You’ll find advice, tips and tricks that you can apply to your space. You’ll discover vibrant colours as well as neutral colour schemes. On display are timeless classical designs and you may even come across the unexpected. Style My Home regularly posts on Instagram, so why not have a look?

Other sources of inspiration for redesigning your home include magazines and brochures

And if that isn’t enough, take a look at magazines, photos, brochures, catalogues, and shops online and in person. Get out there and start looking – you never know what you may stumble upon that will inspire you with your new room scheme.

Sometimes however, trying to create the atmosphere you want in your home can seem like a losing battle. With the variety of colours, styles and ideas available, you could end up choosing something that doesn’t’reflect you at all. If you are struggling to pull all your ideas together for redesigning your home, it may be the time to call in the experts

How can Style My Home help you with your interiors?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all that is out there? Do you need help to organise your ideas and create the interior that reflects your personality? It’s time to call in the style experts at Style My Home. We regularly post on Pinterest and Instagram, so have a browse at some of the projects we have carried out. Caroline has been designing interiors throughout Kent and Sussex for a number of years and will work to your budget and specifications so that your home becomes the one you have always dreamed of. Call Caroline today on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]