Top Tips To Survive Staying At Home

During these challenging times, many people find themselves forced to stay at home. Your house or apartment needs to be adapted to meet its new demands and requirements and provide areas for working, studying, playing, relaxing, sleeping, and eating in order to create some form of routine, sanity, normality and order. Perhaps you are looking around and contemplating where everyone will go and where everything will happen. Our homes are expected to provide so much more than they did before the ‘Stay at Home’ directives. In the latest blog from Style My Home, the Interior Designers based in Tunbridge Wells with clients in Kent, Sussex and London, we look into ways that we can adapt our homes in these unprecedented times, not only in respect of establishing the dedicated spaces we need, but in creating an environment that we enjoy being in.

Here are our 8 top tips to make your home work for you during these difficult times:

  1. Prioritise your needs

Is continuing to work at the top of your list or do the children need a play or study room or do you need both fulfilled? To fit these requirements, consider if a spare room can be used or another room such as the dining room can be modified. Perhaps you could pack up a bed if you have a guest room and store it in the garage so that room now becomes your office or the children’s study area.

  • Create a home working area

You may be lucky enough to have a whole room, but if not, you will have to adapt a small niche or a nook and cranny. Do you have a landing or a bay window where you could set up a console or a desk? If you do have to work on the kitchen or dining room table, keep a basket by the table so you can clear away work easily and quickly

when it’s time to have your meals. Creating a pleasant working environment, apart from your living area if at all possible, is a good idea. 

  • Declutter and clean

Having a good clear out is good for lifting your spirits at this time and can create valuable space that you can use now. Bring spring-cleaning forward and do all of the jobs you never seem to get around to such as cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and going through your wardrobe to throw out clothes you haven’t worn for years. Pay attention to the front of your home and clean paintwork and all windows. You really do want as much light as possible flooding in.

  • Introduce plants and flowers

Bring the outdoors indoors by picking greenery or flowers from your garden. Fresh flowers or faux plants can really bring a room to life. Experiment with your flower arranging skills and use colourful and tasteful vases and planters. If you have window boxes, replant them or if you can access plants add new ones. Just rearranging and cleaning up pots can give a new lease of life to your outside spaces. 

  • Accessorise your space

This is a great time to restyle. Why not buy a few new cushions to brighten up the sofa, or simply swop cushions from one place to another? It’s a great time to buy a new rug, a new picture or mirror with many online stores including Wayfair still delivering products.

  • Rearrange your furniture and reassess how you can use the space

Look carefully at how your room is arranged and decide if individual pieces of furniture are positioned in the right place. Possibly remove pieces to allow for the fact the whole family are in need of space or add seating so everyone can watch TV together. Try to utilize your views of the outside to lift your spirits when inside so much. 

  • Plan your garden

Spring really is just around the corner and you will have that much needed time to plan your garden and terrace areas. You could give yourself a different view of the garden by altering the seating arrangements. Create a pleasant space in the garden or balcony so if the sun is shining you can eat lunch outside and enjoy the fresh air. As the weather improves make use of what outside space you have, clear out pots and cultivate plants that are growing or flowering. 

  • Decorate and freshen up

Do you have any doors, windows or walls that you have been intending to paint? Check your shed to see if you have any paint or order online and use mirrors to reflect light in any newly painted areas. 

Style My Home can help you to remodel your home

You may find that after adapting your home to meet your requirements, you have fallen in love once again with your space as you have discovered that it really works for you and you want to keep some of your newly implemented ideas. Style My Home can work with you on one particular room or your entire property if you decide on a redesign. Also, if you have any plans to extend, do get in touch before you go to planning as we can work with space planning and help you decide what you need. 

Selling your home – consider professional staging Alternatively, this period may have given you a reason to look at the prospect of moving. If this is the case, when this is all over, we can help to professionally stage your property ready to sell with estate agents reports suggesting that this can bring you a 15% increase in the sold price, we also have great experience of selling properties fast after professional staging. Call Style My Home on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]