Spring Into Spring With A Burst Of Explosive Colour And Décor

Why not introduce a burst of explosive colour and décor into your home? Spring is on its way and with it, longer days, brighter skies and warmth. Seasons are a splendid excuse for revamping, sprucing, and enhancing your interior design. And particularly after this long lockdown winter, I think we all need positivity, a new space and a sense of freedom. So why not let your imagination run wild? Signal the onset of spring by decorating your home? We are turning our backs on winter, so let’s invite new pieces of furniture and accessories into our homes and let’s experiment with fresh colours. I’m literally buzzing with excitement and anticipation and here are some of Style My Home’s spring colour and decorating ideas that will make your space pop, blossom, and bloom. Making a few changes will make your home as cheerful as the season. You really can change your environment in an instance with colour and décor .

How colour influences your space and wellbeing

Colour is all around us and in our latest article Style My Home looks at the different colours to see what they can bring to your home. Choosing the right colour and tone is key as it can change your mood, evoke happiness and promote wellbeing. The colour and design of your home should be a reflection of you and your family and chosen carefully it can create the atmosphere you are looking for in any given space. Try introducing a burst of explosive colour and décor to transform your home.

Colours in the spotlight

White – Undoubtedly this colour personifies clean, and signifies a fresh new start encompassing spaciousness. It’s a colour that beautifully combines with natural elements such as wooden floors, wool rugs and colourful cushions to bring warmth into the design.

Blue – Promotes intellectual thoughts and is perfect for an office or study area where you read, write and think. It has a calming feel and can be a good base colour to use with soft pastels or why not use more vibrant blues as splashes to make an impact.

Red – Stimulates eating, and is perfect for a more formal dining area. Eating Room Red no 43 from Farrow and Ball is a classical eating room colour. However, one word of caution, unless you have a large room, take care with red and use it sparingly. It isn’t the best colour for bedrooms.

Greens, Yellows, Oranges and Pinks

Green – This is a most harmonious colour and can be suitable for living rooms and especially bedrooms. Again it works splendidly with natural elements, wood and rattan.

Yellow – Linked to the nervous system and therefore stimulates mental activity so is a great colour for working places, kitchens and studies.

Orange – An energising colour, which will bring life into any space, and it’s great to add pops of colour, such as cushions and throws.

Pink – Creates calm, love and is a very peaceful colour for bedrooms and living rooms. So that it doesn’t look too feminine, blend it with greys and black. 

Top tips from Style My Home to make quick changes to your interior

  • Paint pieces of old furniture to provide a pop of colour in a room 
  • Introduce colour outside and in the garden to sheds, fences and the front door
  • Choose vibrant wallpaper and paint walls inside to add life to a tired area – hall, cloakroom, bedroom or a study 
  • Don’t forget the ceiling which can be wallpapered and transform a room
  • Introduce brightly coloured accessories including rugs, cushions, throws and lamps
  • Change pieces of furniture and invest in a new sofa, dining table and chairs

How can Style My Home help you to spring into spring?

Style My Home is excited about leaving spring behind. After a long winter, if you need any help as to how your home could burst into life, do get in touch with Caroline, the lead designer from Style My Home. We have oodles of experience at remodelling and changing spaces. We can also see the potential of how a room can be transformed with colour. You could be soon living in a home that is a sheer delight to come home to and that combines functionality with comfort, security and wellness. Call Style My Home on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]