Should Architects And Interior Designers Work In Unison?

Architects do create amazing buildings and spaces and if you are looking to extend or do interior remodelling, it’s an architect you call on. However, architects rarely consider how a space will be furnished whereas an interior designer will have lots of ideas including the layout of furniture and so it may be a great idea to call in an interior designer at this point. In the latest blog from Style My Home, an independent interior design company based in Kent, Sussex and London, we look at why involving the interior designer sooner rather than later makes a lot of sense. Working with your interior designer in advance could save you time and money! 

Make Sure You Budget For The Interior 

Are you somebody when looking at the interior of your home thinking, ‘I wish I had done that!’ Do you have regrets that the space created or available to you wasn’t used as best as it could have been? This could have been avoided by working with the interior designer earlier than you did. So if you are planning an extension or you are building from scratch, contact your interior designer as soon as possible and certainly when the plans are drawn up and prior to planning permission consent. They can work with you to help with your budget, as you don’t want to be in the situation where you spend everything on the build and don’t have enough for the interior. Let’s not forget that it’s the interior that you live with every day. 

Architects and Interior Designers 

Both are designers with the difference being what they design. Architects design buildings and extensions and draw up the plans. An architect will look after the legalities, logistics and planning approval amongst other things.  

Interior designers create the look within the space using furniture, fixtures, fittings and other accessories and many can help with spatial planning, flow, lighting plans and plumbing positioning. It’s actually a broad ranging profession taking in all aspects of the planning and designing the interior within the built environment. You will find that interior designers create an interior space that works from both a practical and design perspective. 

An Interior Designer Can Help You With: 

  • Spatial awareness and maximising light 
  • Placement of doors and windows including skylights 
  • Where to place electrical sockets and switches and plumbing 
  • Work out the space required for your ideas 
  • Help with the flow 
  • Include storage ideas 
  • Variations on internal materials and finishes 

And best of all you will have a sounding board of experience to discuss your plans for any possible drawbacks and work out what you really want.  

When To Call In The Interior Designer? 

The architect may come up with more than one design option on the extension or build and this may be a good time to call in the interior designer. Most good interior designers are skilled in creating CAD drawings to scale of the inside space so that you can see what it will look like with the furniture and fittings in it and they are also good at thinking outside the box. 

To get the electrics in the right place, you will need to consider the furniture layout; to see what space to allocate to kitchen you will need to work out your wish list to see if it will all fit into your allocated space and whether the space to small, too big? 

Once the architect has drawn up the plans, and before the builder has been contracted – this is the stage of any project, irrespective of the size to call in an experienced interior designer. It’s better if the plans have not been signed off and the build hasn’t started. You really will find that a good interior designer is worth their weight in gold. 

What Do You Want To Create? 

Planning is key. You do need to decide how many bathrooms you want and how many bedrooms. Would a small bedroom be better used as a dressing room and is the garage just dead space that will end up as a storage unit? Do you need such a large kitchen/dining/living space? Recently, I seem to have come across so many cavernous areas, which really are too big; their sheer size presents problems with the cost of furnishings and related heating bills. Also large windows and bi-folds are expensive in terms of window dressings. Here again, talking to the interior designer will give you an idea of the costs involved.  


Think before you build and don’t leave the design of your interior until the end of your project. Coordination between architect and interior designer could pre-empt possible problems and you might cut down on the size of the building or extension saving you money, which can be spent on the interiors. Most buildings cost a certain amount per square metre in towns and cities. Concentrate on creating sensible spaces that suit your family life. Reassessing it with an interior designer can help you make the most of the opportunities created with an extension or new building. You could be making a perfect space rather than just fixing it.  

What To Do Next  Style My Home has Caroline as the lead designer who has oodles of experience at working with architects and builders so that clients get the home they want, and not what the architect has in mind. SMH will visit you at your property and offers a free initial meeting, subject to distance, to discuss your options. Caroline is skilled in creating CAD drawings and design boards and will prevent you having any regrets or saying, ‘What If’? Call Caroline at Style My Home on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]