Prospective Property Buyers Make A Decision In Less Than Ten Minutes

Prospective buyers when viewing a property make their decision whether to buy or not in eight minutes, yes just 480 seconds! In that short time, people must fall in love with your property. You may be disappointed that you have missed out on the Stamp Duty Holiday but all is not lost. You could recoup that money by having your property professionally staged before it goes onto the market. You could get between 6-15% more than the asking price after professional staging. With Reuters reporting that the property market boom is set to continue, it could be a good time to sell your home. It seems that many people by being forced to stay at home were able to save and are now actively seeking to move. In the latest article from Style My Home, we look at how you can showcase your property to make an immediate impression, some impressive statistics from the Home Staging Association and the merits of using property staging experts.

Showcase your property and not the contents

You need potential viewers to see your house at its very best and that means showcasing your property and not the contents. Staging is the art of styling a property to emphasise its key features. This creates an aspirational lifestyle, which will inspire viewers of your property to imagine themselves living there. 

  • Declutter the hall – this is the first impression
  • Remove excess furniture to create spaciousness
  • Tidy up any paperwork in the home office
  • Ensure work surfaces in the kitchen have minimal gadgets and appliances
  • Make sure bedrooms are tidy (even children’s rooms) – put things into storage if necessary and dress beds with cushions etc.
  • In the bathroom – store toiletries out of sight and only display high quality, fluffy towels, if possible 
  • Depersonalise and keep things simple

Make sure viewers can imagine themselves living in the property

Depersonalising your property is one of the hardest things to do and is not to be taken too literally. Without large family photos etc., it does mean that viewers can visualise your home as their own home. 

Highlight the positives and hide the negatives

Staging your property could get that fast sale you are looking for. Alternatively, if your property has been on the market for sometime and isn’t attracting viewings, it could be the time to call in Style My Home for our appraisal as to why that might be. We hope to disguise any negatives your property might have or at least distract the buyer and focus on the great points! It’s often good to have a fresh pair of eyes as it’s easy to become complacent if you have lived in a property for a number of years, you just don’t notice them anymore. It’s important not to take any suggestions personally as a professional property stager has your interests at heart – they want your property to sell in the quickest possible time for the maximum price.

Statistics from the Home Staging Association

A recent survey from the Home Staging Association returned some very interesting statistics, which demonstrate the benefits of property staging. 

 Has home staging been a helpful marketing when having your property listed?  

100% said yes with 71% saying staging had increased the number of viewings.

Comparing similar properties – did staging increase the offer value?

75% said yes with 57% of property professionals saying the sale of the property paid for the staging.

Did properties sell faster? 

51% said yes.

Prospective property buyers make a decision in less than ten minutes.

What effect did lockdown have on property selling?

Pre lockdown: 

On average, properties were listed on the market for 277 days before staging and after staging, it took just 28 days to achieve an offer on average.

Post lockdown:

On average, properties were listed on the market for 199 days before staging and after staging, the same properties took just 32 days to achieve an offer on average.

Why use Style My Home to stage your property?

Prospective property buyers make a decision in less than ten minutes. We present a property to look its very best, as you would if preparing yourself for a job interview. As stated earlier, with prospective buyers making a decision on whether to buy or not in less than 10 minutes, that first impression is absolutely vital. Costs for staging start from as little as £250 for a home staging report. Style My Home offers complete installation and staging of vacant properties, and partial staging and styling of occupied properties. We have been staging properties for many years. We will see your home with a fresh pair of eyes and recreate some rooms and areas in your property. We have many happy clients who have sold their properties quickly and often for more than the asking price. Call Caroline on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]