New Year – Ideas To Pep Up Your Home

The New Year is a great time to pep up your home interior. It does seem as though 2021 was a long year, which began with three months in lockdown. However, that is behind us, and the interior design trends and colours of 2022 could be just what you require to lift your spirits. With Christmas a fading memory, January is the perfect time to cast your eyes around your home, looking at reception rooms, the kitchen, hallways and bedrooms. You might notice that some areas are looking a little jaded and would benefit from an addition of bold colour and/or pattern. My first article of the year looks at how you can inject some colour and quick fixes to your interiors. It is noticeable that 2022 trends go for colours that are bright, bold and beautiful. My ideas to pep up your home are simple and designed to freshen up and upgrade your home without major work. They will add high impact to your home’s aesthetic qualities. 

Scrappy paintwork and tired wallpaper

Are you finding that your home feels a bit bare and cold after getting rid of the Christmas decorations? Have your eyes been drawn to that scrappy and dull paintwork and the tired-looking wallpaper? And maybe your soft furnishings need a blast of new life; the sofa has definitely seen better days? Buying a few new accessories could give your home the lift it needs, particularly if you go for those bright, bold and beautiful colours I mentioned earlier.  

Quick Fix areas to pep up your home

  • Lighting – lamps, up lighting and dimmers
  • Wallpaper – feature walls and try something quirky and unusual
  • Art, wall hangings and mirrors
  • Cushions and throws – incorporate bold and bright
  • Rugs – hide flaws in the floor to give a bold new focus
  • Office – choose an inspiring outlook 
  • Paint – simple and effective

Display lamps at different heights

Lighting can also be problematic at this time of year, days seem short and nights are long. Perhaps a burst of extra light could bring a dark space back into a workable area. Try using lights and lamps at different heights on tables, the floor and don’t forget up lighting. Softer bulbs in lamps can create a warm glow and if you have overhead/ceiling lights, put them on dimmers. 

Add colour, style and texture with wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a big comeback in recent years and adds great visual impact to the interior design of any space. You can create a feature wall, which can transform a dull area or room, irrespective of whether it is bold or subtle. Furniture can be decorated with wallpaper, as can the backs of bookcases and shelves. Wallpaper can bring the bold and exotic to a room as well as calm and peacefulness. 

Wall hangings, paintings and mirrors

If you have imperfections in your paintwork, you can disguise them with wall hangings or a cluster of mirrors. The latter are perfect for reflecting back the light and for drawing the eye away from imperfections. If you have a small space, don’t shy away from using larger pieces, which will introduce visual interest, colour and texture. Art and paintings can be grouped and arranged at different heights to add focus in the room.

Bring a tired sofa back to life with cushions and throws

If your sofa is showing its age, it’s simple to spruce it up with cushions in a variety of colours. Layering cushions of different shapes and sizes will add interest and hide faded sofa backs. Throws can work wonders on the seat or on the arms of tired sofas and chairs and they are a simple, instant and affordable way to cover-up. Don’t forget the floor – a rug can be your savior if your flooring is past its best. Stains such as coffee or red wine can be easily hidden with a rug. 

Are you continuing to work from home?

If working at home, if at all possible, choose a room with a good outlook. Or at least try to work with as much natural light as possible. Set up a new working space that you can adopt and maybe redecorate. If you are restricted for space, look out for small pieces of furniture that can help you to create your working area.

Paint can transform any space

Painting is a simple fix and yet so very effective. It has the capacity to make a room appear bigger, brighter, fresher and cleaner. You might be surprised how painting one wall in a dramatic and bold shade will give you the look you are searching for. However, the walls are one of the largest structures in a room and painting them the right colour is make or break, so choose carefully and always try test pots first. 

How can Style My Home help you freshen up your home?

I hope you have enjoyed reading my quick fix ideas to pep up your home and feel enthused and inspired to brighten up your home. It can be surprising how uplifting small additions like these can make to your interior. They are perfect if you feel the need for a change but do not want to carry out major works or splash the cash. 

However, if you do want more of a complete makeover, next month will see the launch of new spring products in the interiors world. We will be ready, armed with lots of new inspiration and new products to work with you to create stylish interiors throughout your home or workplace. Please get in touch by calling Caroline on 01892 352050 or email [email protected]

Next time, we will be looking at trending colours in paint ranges.