Interior Makeover Ideas To Transform Your Property

Interior makeover ideas can instantly transform and brighten any space. These can range from an accent wall, to the use of colourful cushions or using a piece of artwork as a focal point. Adding a few accessories or introducing a new carpet can be really beneficial for raising your mood and spirits, bringing positive and uplifting energy into your home. We probably all need this at the moment as we embark on another phase of ‘here we go again’ and we spend more time in our homes. In this article from Style My Home, the interior designers and property staging experts in Kent, we look at the various ways to transform your home including using paint and wallpaper as well as rejuvenating spaces with faux plants and adding the finishing touches with accessories. But first of all, how about some decluttering and moving some of your furniture. Simply tidying up and repositioning things can be really effective. 

Transform a room with paint 

Paint is a great place to start when thinking of interior makeover ideas. It can make a room appear brighter, lighter, bigger, cleaner and fresher. Colour really affects how we see a space. Painting just one wall or the entire room can change the atmosphere of a room dramatically. So why not update your space with an on trend colour? Paint isn’t just for walls as it can transform old pieces of furniture and add new life to fitted shelves. Using soft colours will help make the room feel bigger as lighter colours tend to recede. Paint is a great medium to accentuate the positive features in a room and downplay those less desirable ones. A little paint can go a long way and make a big difference.

  • Paint a bold accent wall
  • Have fun with colour
  • Transform your furniture with paint
  • Don’t forget the ceiling – the forgotten 5th wall
  • Spruce up doors and windows

Add colour, pattern and texture with wallpaper

Wallpaper can add character to a room with colour, texture and style. It can transform the overall look and mood of a room to create comfort and peacefulness or give it a bold, dramatic and even exotic feel. Again wallpaper can be applied to one wall as a large panel design or used as a feature in a small cloakroom, bathroom, or dressing room space. You could also have lots of fun bringing a dull corridor to life, and you’ll see the results immediately!

  • Add colour, pattern and texture
  • Make a statement with bright colours and vibrant hues
  • Give furniture a modern facelift with wallpaper
  • Frame the fireplace
  • Create a decorative backdrop
  • Introduce fresh florals 
Rejuvenate spaces with faux plants

Faux plants automatically bring a space alive. And today, it’s true that with fine quality specimens you can’t tell them apart from the real thing. At Style My Home we particularly use faux plants for staging empty properties. Bathrooms and cloakrooms can be rejuvenated and look lush and more alive. Small faux plants on basins, kitchen surfaces and large floor palms will help you to create a lovely living space. Plants can be placed in corners of the room or grouped together on a shelf or other surface. And the best thing, they are really low maintenance. 

A stunning arrangement from Interior Landscaping Products
  • Create a plant corner
  • Be creative with your choice of planters
  • Use potted trees to fill corners or flank furniture
  • Mix faux plants with live greenery
  • Hide unsightly cords, sockets and cables
  • Place on high pieces of furniture to create interest
  • Perfect for dark rooms with little or no light
A stunning arrangement from Interior Landscaping Products

Accessories will add the finishing touches to any room

Every interior design project must be complete and that means including the accessories that really add the finishing touches to any room. Whether it’s a picture, a cushion or ceramic pieces for you mantle, accessories can certainly bring style to any space and add interest to shelves and coffee tables. Books, candles and glass accessories grouped together will define your style. But, take care not to clutter and to group objects together rather than line up on sills and surfaces. These are the final details, which complete the décor and they can be found to fit most budgets and should always be included in your interior makeover ideas. 

  • Introduce lamps to side tables
  • Place a rug on a wooden floor to add warmth and help with the flow of a room
  • Use throws and cushions to chairs and sofas to add interest and colour
  • Use décor accents such as ceramics, candlesticks, vases and ceramics
Bring a new dimension to a room with mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for decoration as adding a wall mirror to a space can really give it a new dimension and a boost of light where needed. Decorative mirrors can make a room appear more spacious and elegant. Use mirrors as an accent piece, to add interest, make a statement, and to reflect light. Mirror shaped windows can brighten a room and make it seem more spacious. Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, colours, materials and styles. Some designs won’t need a lot of space and can be hung or placed on different surfaces. Large mirrors can be positioned on the floor for a dramatic effect. You could even select a statement mirror and build the scheme around it.

  • Illuminate dark corners
  • Select different shapes 
  • Use mirrors to emphasise symmetry
  • Group mirrors together as a gallery for interest
  • Choose from traditional and classic designs 
Art and wall pictures can transform a room

Wall art draws the eye and can pull a space together. At Style My Home, we sometimes start the décor of a room with a special piece of art that a client has chosen from a gallery. Or we can incorporate them into your design if you want to invest in beautiful art pieces for your home. Alternatively, pieces can be chosen that match the style of the room. It’s always important to consider your available wall space, as a small piece of art on a large wall can look awkward. Never think about art as an after thought.

Camber Sands by Alice Scrutton from Fairfax Gallery
  • Brighten and bring a wall to life
  • Use frames to emphasise your style 
  • Art is not just for living spaces – display in kitchens and bedrooms
  • Be open minded about various mediums including fabrics
  • Choose art that you love
The Pearl Earring by Barry Wilson from Fairfax Gallery

Floor coverings are important for the style you are trying to create

There is a lot of choice and often there needs to be a balance between luxury and functionality. Determine how the space is to be utilised and the people who will be using it, for example children and pets and whether it is a high traffic area. Living spaces need a flooring material that is sturdy to handle the wear and tear. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms because they are easy to clean and of course look amazing. Wooden floors have become very popular of late and offer a warm look although they are not to everyone’s taste. 

  • Lay a stylish stair runner to make an impact 
  • Go bold with the colour to make a striking impression 
  • High traffic areas do not always have to be in neutral shades
  • Go for an on-trend look such as a wool-blended carpet 
How Style My Home can help you with your interior styling

If you are spending more time at home than usual, we hope you have found our interior makeover ideas and tips helpful. At Style My Home, we always try to support the local shops in and around Tunbridge Wells, some of which are highlighted in this article. If it has inspired you and you would like some help with your interior makeover, call Style My Home on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]