How To Stage Your Home For Living

Home staging is the art of styling a property to emphasise its key features, thus creating an aspirational lifestyle to inspire viewers to imagine themselves living there.

Style My Home – Caroline Pickering

It’s certainly true that home staging is becoming more and more popular for people trying to sell their houses in a relatively short space of time and for the best price possible. Unless you have a ‘flawless’ property, you should consider staging as an absolute must so that your property stands out and looks better than the rest. Potential buyers and indeed you will be turned off by a property that looks a mess, is cluttered, has questionable décor and dreary lighting. For me, as an interior design specialist, it can be very satisfying and rewarding working on a home that people have become complacent about, and restyling it. However, once the magic has been worked, I’m finding that a new scenario is developing whereby on some occasions, people have fallen in love with their property again and are having second thoughts about selling it and moving.

Have you hidden the best features of your property?

It’s only natural that you get used to your surroundings particularly when you are busy; you often stop looking at your home, as you are too busy living in it. Style My Home will look at your property with fresh eyes and bring out its best features and outlooks that you may have forgotten about although in fact they were the reasons you purchased the property in the first place to be your home. You may not realise that all of your furniture is positioned to best suit the television and is blocking out the amazing views you have, particularly in the lighter summer months.

More time spent living in your home during lockdown

Let’s face it, over the last few months the use of your home may have been stretched beyond reasonability! You have been working from home, teaching the kids, and relaxing at home with nowhere to escape to, as there have been no places open that you could dress up for and go to such as dinner in a restaurant or the latest film at the cinema! Our homes, as well as the pets, must be longing for the door to be locked, the car to be driven away, and the peace and quiet to return. And it’s not only the pets; you may also be tired of looking at the walls and the furniture. Has it crossed your mind how the space is working or not working for you? Have you reassessed it to seek ways that will work better for this new life that we will need to endure for a while longer?

Benefits of Staging

  • Staging can be inexpensive
  • Can produce immediate benefits
  • New areas can be defined
  • Decluttering can take place
  • Gives your home a new lease of life

Decluttering is key to creating a space that works better for you

Style My Home will encourage you to clear out ‘stuff’, first of all, which frankly is just cathartic and without these encumbrances, you and everyone living in your household will be able to function better. We’ll then discuss with you how you live in your space and what you may feel you need now. Space planning is a service we offer in all aspects of our work, but in staging it is something we just do naturally to help the flow of rooms in order to create that spacious look you want to achieve.

Tips for home staging

It’s important that your rooms look well styled and we like to add colour in bursts to create an immediate impact when you enter a space. You’ll see the difference it makes to a room is amazing and really lifts it. Accessories are key when staging. Just think about a well-displayed shelf and how we love seeing products that are well presented and packaged in a store. Plants are really vital to making a space look alive but they do need looking after and if you know that you are not green-fingered, faux plants could be the answer as they look amazing and require no upkeep.

  • Use cushions, prints, throws
  • Display objects and accessories on shelves
  • Use faux plants and realistic props

Staging for selling and staging for living

When staging for selling Style My Home will be creating an image that will photograph well and attract people to view. For living, our aim is to create a styled look and one that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and that will function well for you and your family. A look you can live comfortably with and maintain easily. It might just mean something simple such as making more effort to stay tidy, dressing your sofa or bed everyday and freshening up plants or flowers. The results are really worth it and you’ll be amazed.

Reassess your home regularly

Take a day every so often just to re assess your home and clear spaces. This could include adding better storage and refreshing old cushions or rugs to give your home a fresher look. It is similar to a spring clean, that seasonal feel you give your home every now and then, which will ensure you have a good feel factor when you arrive home.

Staging properties to sell with Style My Home

At Style My Home, we regularly stage properties for selling and we have experienced really excellent results for clients when their property is presented to the market. We have seen high value offers, sometimes the ceiling price in a street, sealed offers from several prospective buyers and quick sales. The transformations can be amazing, and we have worked our staging magic on properties ranging from dated, tired homes that clients have enjoyed and loved for many years and sadly need to leave, to brand new on trend town apartments where space is limited and creativity is needed.

How can Style My Home help you to stage your home for living?

Probably the hardest part of staging your home for living is finding the motivation to make a start. So, why not invite SMH to come and look at your home or workplace? We can give you ideas to restyle and stage, give you a report to follow or stage your home for you. It could be the next best thing to moving home with far less hassle and expense! Call Caroline on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]