How Colour Affects Mood In Your Home

How colour affects mood in your home

How colour affects mood in your home? If you want to give your home a new look and a major renovation is not an option, then a fresh coat of paint could transform a room without breaking the bank. You might want to stick to the neutrals including white, grey and cream or if you dare, go bold with greens, reds and orange. Today, there are no strict paint rules, all you have to do is embrace the paint idea and go for colours that work for you and perhaps reflect your personality. Doors frames, skirting boards and ceilings don’t have to be painted in brilliant white anymore. In the latest article from Style My Home, we look at six popular colours that are frequently used in interiors for styling homes and we consider how colour affects your mood in the various rooms in your home.

How paint colours affect a room?

Affect your mood and energy levels
Reflect your personality
Make rooms appear smaller or larger
Change the impact of furniture 

Colour affects your mood positively and adversely

There are literally thousands of colour choices when you consider the shades within each colour category. Consider blue for example which can range from navy to turquoise to powder blue. However, the colours we choose will create an atmosphere and feeling and will affect our mood within our living spaces. This is certainly a broad topic but in a nutshell, reds, yellows and oranges are warm colours and create an inviting, energetic and lively environment. On the flip side, blues, greens and purples are cooler colours to create a calm and relaxing mood. Neutral tones include white, browns and greys.

White – clean, honest and simplistic 

This will create a very tranquil interior. When paired with natural elements such as rattan and wooden flooring, this will ensure the room feels warm. However, be careful not to overdo the white, as it might lead to the room appearing sterile and clinical.

Orange- encouraging, optimistic, radiating warmth and happiness

Orange is a blend of red, known for increasing energy, and yellow, associated with sunshine and is great as an accent colour for lampshades, cushions etc. It works particularly well in a home office and entrance hall where it radiates a feeling of warmth and gives a welcoming feeling. You might even want to consider it if you have a home gym, exercise room or playroom.

How colour affects mood in your home

Green- fresh, natural, promotes wellbeing and calming 

Green is synonymous with nature and immediately evokes growth and renewal. The perfect areas for green are those you want to relax in such as sitting rooms, snugs and bedrooms. Adding plants to most areas will make them come alive but also allow the calming feeling to radiate through the room. Don’t rule it out in kitchens! 

Black- loyal, strong, sophisticated

When black is used on walls and floors, it will create a dramatic feel. Key accessories such as lamps, art pieces and black furniture pieces will add strength to any room including hallways, kitchens and dining rooms. 

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Image from Recipes for Decorating

Blue- strong, peaceful and dependable

This is seen as a safe and calming colour and is good for bedrooms, and rooms where you socialise such as living and dining areas. It is known to be a soothing colour that can lower blood pressure so also a great colour for bathrooms.

Pink- compassionate, kind, calming and sincere

Pink is perfect for bringing warmth into living areas. Use it as an accessory colour, and go bold with hues such as fuchsia or use softer shades as bedlinen or in bathrooms to create a calming atmosphere. You might also want to consider it in a nursery. 

How colour affects mood in your home

How can Style My Home help you with your paint choices?

Colour trends do come and go and so the main thing is to choose colours that are pleasing to you. However, before painting, you will need to decide what mood you want to create in a room and what colours match that mood. It’s clear that colour can have a powerful effect on our moods and it is important to get it right. I hope you have enjoyed reading my ideas for transforming your home with paint. If you need any help, please get in touch with me, Caroline at Style My Home on 01892 352050 or email [email protected]

So what’s stopping you? Get painting!