Flexible Home Spaces – Adapting To Future Needs

As we slowly begin to emerge from lockdown, many people may have found that their values and their lives have changed and consequently their homes will need to adapt to accommodate these changes. Our homes have had to become a workplace, a school, a gym, a restaurant and a pub with many people having to spend more time than ever before in their homes. One thing is clear many will want their homes to function differently after the prolonged period of lockdown and there could be a fundamental shift in the features that people see as a priority in their homes. Our homes do have a huge impact on our lives and our wellbeing and in the latest article from Style My Home, the interior design specialists in Kent and Sussex, we look at the emerging trends and in particular at the home as the new office.

Ways to adapt our homes to our changing requirements

Spatial organisation will certainly change with more flexibility required to create a permanent workplace, areas for the children and more emphasis on being at home and entertaining family and friends. Not only will our inside spaces need to adapt, but our outside spaces will also need to be functional. This could include using rooms for different purposes, extending our homes including loft conversions, converting inside spaces, adding garden rooms and making the most of our gardens.

Style My Home identifies the following trends post coronavirus

  • Creating a comfortable and efficient working area
  • Optimising for children’s study
  • Designing a children’s play area or teenager’s den
  • Multi functional rooms that can be configured according to the time of day
  • Prioritising light with blinds and curtains
  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Connecting to the outside and nature
  • Creating an outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining

Home as the new office – could the concept of the home office be here to stay?

The message was to work from home wherever possible and although some will be clamouring to return to their workplace to meet colleagues and friends, others may not want to return or perhaps their bosses will see the economic benefits of a workforce that stays at home and seems to be more productive. It’s clear that if you continue to work from home, you will need to pay more attention to your home’s arrangement as using the dining or kitchen table or a space under the stairs will not be suitable or viable if this is to be a permanent situation. Solutions include using a spare room or bedroom in your home and building an office space in the garden. This will lead to more emphasis on thermal comfort and the energy efficiency of homes. Long term, there will need to be consideration for the quality of indoor air, visual comfort and noise pollution. You will also want a space that is well designed with an emphasis on décor, lighting and accessories.

Style My Home can help you plan:

  • Flexible spaces for multi functional rooms
  • Dedicated home office space
  • Creative storage
  • Kitchen remodel
  • At home gym and hobby room
  • Schooling and study areas
  • Utilisation of hallways

How can Style My Home help you to remodel and plan your home?

The experience of lockdown will have a lasting effect on us and it may have given rise to thinking about life post pandemic and the role that your home will play in this future. If you need any help as to how your home could work better for you, Caroline as the lead designer has oodles of experience at remodelling spaces and seeing the potential of how your home could work for you and your family. You could be soon living in a home that is a sheer delight and aesthetically beneficial and wholesome and that combines functionality with comfort, security and wellness. Call Style My Home on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]