Details In Interior Design

Details in Interior Design

What are details in interior design? The most amazing design will fall flat without the supporting details. These specific features will enhance the overall appearance of a room and can give you the stunning, polished and finished look you want. If you find that something is missing when you have decorated and included the furniture, this is when adding the detail can harmonise and complete the look. However, it can be time consuming finding the right accessories. In the latest article from Style My Home, the property stagers and interior designers based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we look at what adding those details involves and some of our ideas that should inspire you for not only your home but your commercial premises as well. 

What are details in interior design?

It means paying attention to the smallest details of any project. It includes the handles on cupboards, light switches, tiebacks on curtains, piping colour on cushions and the shape of a lampshade. 

  • Light switch plates, plug outlet covers
  • Wall treatments and art
  • Pillows, cushions and throws
  • Window treatments and accessories
  • Flooring
  • Lighting 
  • Plants including artificial 
Lighting is a crucial element

Lighting needs to create a pleasing ambience and it’s important in every part of the house from nooks and crannies to kitchen work areas to shelving, bathrooms and highlighting art and pictures.  Adding light at various heights can lift a dark area and thoughtful furniture placement can help with natural light. Placing lamps in the right place can alter the feel of a space drastically. Atmosphere can be added with mood lighting and dimmer switches will boost the versatility of your lighting scheme. 

Details in Interior Design
Accessorise to add interest

Accessories include pillows, cushions, rugs, picture frames, lamps, vases and artistic objects. As with fashion, it’s the accessories such as jewellery, a scarf or belt that will finish the look. Artistic objects, ornaments or knick-knacks can reveal personality and reflect the owner of a property or business. These can be single items such as a piece of art or a sculpture or collections such as clocks, teapots, memorabilia or antiques. Staging a coffee table with glossy interesting books and accessories can give a room a very smart, styled focal point. Don’t forget the aroma of a room, which can be from a scented candle or a diffuser. Choose your favourite scents but don’t go for anything that is too overpowering. 

Ideas from Style My Home
  • Add a pop of colour – be risky
  • Introduce cornicing, mouldings, panelling 
  • Balance your colour scheme – soft colours will work well together
  • Upcycle and paint furniture
  • Create cosy and interesting areas or zones by staging the room
  • Dress the bed, layers and textures 
  • Use multiple shades of a colour 
  • Invest in designer pieces and art
Details in Interior Design
How can Style My Home help you with your interior design?

Paying attention to detail will enhance the overall theme of a room and complete the look, whether it’s for your home or commercial premises. It can really impact on the overall appearance of not only a specific room but also the whole home.  It is often attention to detail that makes great interior design. However, just a word of caution, it’s all about balance as going overboard with accessories may lead to a cluttered appearance. Call Caroline today on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]