Defining Living, Working, Learning and Playing Spaces In Your Home

Many of us are spending more and more time at home and in today’s world, our homes have to be multifunctional with spaces to live, work, learn and play. The way we occupy our spaces has to be re-envisioned. Solutions need to be found to create live-work-learn-play areas that overcome a lack of space, storage and utilities. There must be clearly defined areas that separate home living, working, schooling and playing. Properties will need to adapt and to be flexible in order to incorporate our professional and personal lives. The pandemic has revolutionised how we view our living spaces and every inch of our home will need to be utilised effectively and efficiently. In this article Style My Home, interior designers based in Tunbridge Wells, we look at defining living, working, learning and playing spaces in our homes.

How to adapt to the home’s changing requirements for defining living and working spaces

  • Create dedicated work and living spaces
  • Configure multifunctional spaces
  • Design rooms that can be reconfigured according to the time of day
  • Add an extension or a garden building
  • Expand into the loft space

Making our homes as functional as possible for the whole family

The future may see architects designing properties that separate living and workspaces, with homes designed for multiple uses. However, the current time demands that we utilise what we have and make it as functional as possible for the whole family. In years gone by, rooms in houses were defined by their function to include the dining room, the living room, the bedrooms etc. However, today not only have families evolved, but the world is different and accordingly houses are required to adapt to the changing needs of their owners. The new normal will demand that we have more flexibility in our homes for working, schooling, exercising, playing and living.

How to define the different area of our homes

You will need to be clever with the use of the space that you have. Decluttering is a great place to start, so that your home is filled with the things that you and your family really need. Spending more time at home will demand that we become more energy efficient and our homes are more sustainable. 

  • Smart storage options
  • Bespoke furniture options
  • Prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Choose furniture that can be moved easily
  • Design rooms with multiple functions
  • Extend where possible and create garden buildings

Working from home as the new normal

If working from home is going to be permanent, and part of the new normal, then working from the kitchen or dining table or having your computer on your lap sitting on the sofa, leaning over a coffee table isn’t going to work or be practical long term. 

When creating an office at home, you will need a space that promotes productivity but doesn’t interfere and encroach on family life. In an ideal world, you need a dedicated space that gives you complete separation. Try to create an area where you feel calm, cosy and above all comfortable.

Creating a productive home office

  • Combine practicality with aesthetics
  • Choose an area with natural light if possible
  • Find a quiet space where you can work uninterrupted
  • Include storage options to keep the area tidy
  • Think ergonomics – invest in a well-designed office chair
  • Create a routine – set office times
  • Surround yourself with things that you love

Ways of adding extra space

Creating that permanent space could involve converting an existing out building, which could be the garage, old barn or shed. A conversion of this type could be multifunctional as it gives you not only workspace but also a leisure area for the family. If you feel that adding a contemporary building would work well, you could look at buildings that come in kit form or more costly bespoke options that can really add some style to your garden. A traditional wooden summerhouse would have a dual purpose of being an office and storage area. Extending your home could give you the space you are looking for. And don’t forget, adding or converting a structure in your outside space or extending your home will add value to your property. 

  • Converting an existing building
  • Put a contemporary building in the garden
  • Add an extension to your property
  • Adapt an existing room 

How Style My Home can help you to create a home that works for you

If you need help creating your flexible living space to adapt to your changing requirements and lifestyle, contact Style My Home. Caroline has been designing interiors throughout Kent and Sussex and will work to your budget and specifications so that your home fulfils its new requirements. Call Caroline today on 07918 081792 or email [email protected]