Decluttering Your Home – Time To Tidy

Decluttering your home and moving some furniture around could be a good exercise to carry out. Simply tidying up and repositioning things can be really effective. Do you smile as you approach your home and think of the oasis of calm that is waiting for you behind the front door? Or do you dread it as you think of the mess and clutter that is waiting for you?

Is your home filled with clutter and mess?

It’s so true that, “A home should be a home”. It should be the place that you look forward to coming back to and hanging out in. A home must be not only practical and functional but also inviting, interesting, pleasing on the eye and relaxing. Does your home contain that tranquil space where you can forget about everything and wind down? Does it exude your character and personality and have that comfortable sofa where you can completely relax? If it’s filled with your clutter and mess, you really need to make changes.

An uncluttered reception hall
“Start Ringing The Changes”

February is a wonderful time to start ringing the changes and thinking afresh. It’s time to visit the old saying, “Out with the old, in with the new”. Take a good look around your home and ask yourself if you really love being there. 

  • Are you happy in your home? 
  • Is it working for you?
  • Do you only see mess and clutter? 
  • Does the whole house need a tweak or a transformation, or is it just a room or two? 

Now is the time to declutter and then evaluate!

To create the atmosphere and ambiance you are looking for, you will need to streamline your possessions. You will also need to give your home a good clean and keep it that way. Go through your home room by room. Deep cleaning and decluttering your home can be extremely therapeutic and calming.

You will need to summon your ruthless streak and start thinking of throwing out, fixing and mending, donating, going to the tip, recycling or selling at a boot fair or through social media. 

Minimalist furniture and devoid of clutter

Discover Space and Calm by decluttering your home

Mess can be oppressive and you’ll soon discover that if you keep surfaces clear and clean and put things away in cupboards and other storage spaces, it will be well worth the effort as you discover calm and that oppressive feeling starts to dissipate.

Once you’ve overcome the hurdles of decluttering your home and cleaning, you will really be able to see your rooms in a new light. You may be surprised by the amount of extra space that has been created and you now have a blank canvas to begin creating the home you are looking for. 

Use Your Imagination

  • Paint with soft and warm colours
  • Refresh your furniture 
  • Introduce new lighting 
  • Fill with scents and aromas such as candles
  • Bring interest with rugs and cushions
  • Lift the mood with plants and flowers

You will find that major renovations aren’t necessary such as replacing doors and windows, knocking down walls or putting in a completely new kitchen – a few tweaks here and there can really transform a property. Pick out some lamps and colourful cushions and add a new picture and of course use a little bit of imagination! 

How can Style My Home help you with your interior design?

If you would like some help in transforming your home or individual rooms in your house, call Style My Home on 07918 081792 or email [email protected] We are delighted that we have bought that oasis of calm to many properties in the Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge areas and delighted owners as the spring has come back into their step as they approach home. 

A Child's bedroom