Decluttering Your Home – Time To Tidy

Decluttering your home and moving some furniture around could be a good exercise to carry out. Simply tidying up and repositioning things can be really effective. Do you smile as you approach your home and think of the oasis of calm that is waiting for you behind the front door? Or do you dread it as […]

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Where To Find Inspiration For Redesigning Your Home Interior

Where do you find the inspiration for redesigning your home? Are you thinking of a kitchen makeover? Or perhaps you are working more from home and need a new office? Are you looking around your property and feel the need for more colour? Or would bespoke storage options help you to make the most of […]

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Defining Living, Working, Learning and Playing Spaces In Your Home

Many of us are spending more and more time at home and in today’s world, our homes have to be multifunctional with spaces to live, work, learn and play. The way we occupy our spaces has to be re-envisioned. Solutions need to be found to create live-work-learn-play areas that overcome a lack of space, storage […]

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Flexible Home Spaces – Adapting To Future Needs

As we slowly begin to emerge from lockdown, many people may have found that their values and their lives have changed and consequently their homes will need to adapt to accommodate these changes. Our homes have had to become a workplace, a school, a gym, a restaurant and a pub with many people having to […]

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How To Stage Your Home For Living

Home staging is the art of styling a property to emphasise its key features, thus creating an aspirational lifestyle to inspire viewers to imagine themselves living there. Style My Home – Caroline Pickering It’s certainly true that home staging is becoming more and more popular for people trying to sell their houses in a relatively […]

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Top Tips To Survive Staying At Home

During these challenging times, many people find themselves forced to stay at home. Your house or apartment needs to be adapted to meet its new demands and requirements and provide areas for working, studying, playing, relaxing, sleeping, and eating in order to create some form of routine, sanity, normality and order. Perhaps you are looking […]

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Should Architects And Interior Designers Work In Unison?

Architects do create amazing buildings and spaces and if you are looking to extend or do interior remodelling, it’s an architect you call on. However, architects rarely consider how a space will be furnished whereas an interior designer will have lots of ideas including the layout of furniture and so it may be a great idea to […]

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Christmas Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

If you have limited space in your home, you know that it’s all about maximising it, so that it seems more spacious than it actually is, with every inch really counting. With the festive season upon us, it’s natural to want to impress friends and family with an array of decorations to add a seasonal […]

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